Lizzy D

Elizabeth D. Hill grew up on a dairy farm outside of the small town of Paul, Idaho. She was the sixth of nine kids and spent a lot of time helping on the farm and exploring the desert behind it. She has always loved art and so took classes and learned from her own experience through the years. Liz attended Brigham Young University – Idaho, where she graduated with an Associates of Arts degree in Fine Art.

Liz’s art takes form in many different forms including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and digital art. Her artistic inspirations come from all over – the natural world around her, books, and dance – but is most inspired by music. Her music collection ranges from heavy metal, to jazz, to classical music. Elizabeth developed her art by drawing a lot of fictional characters, focusing on pose and costume. She has painted pictures for friends and family mostly and had just recently started selling her art professionally. Liz’s primary mediums are Pencil and Marker, Watercolors, and Acrylics, though she has used other mediums at times as well.

Elizabeth’s mind is always busy with creativity. You’ll always find her carrying a sketch book where ever she is, and sketching the world around her. She finds the human body to be an art in itself and try’s to capture the beauty, movement, and emotion in it.

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