Wickedly Whimsical Witches Coloring Book


Wickedly Whimsical Witches is a coloring book filled with the everyday events of the most fashionable witches.  Sunbathing on the beach, shopping for hats, training their brooms, concocting potions (as long as their kitty doesn’t switch the spell book out), even visiting friends under the sea.  They never leave home without their kitties—who probably insist on accompanying their witches to keep them out of trouble!

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8.5 x 11 coloring book. 23 pages. Printed on 70lb smooth white paper.

My enchanting witches, while en vogue, can be a bit ditzy.  They do their best, but often find themselves creating mishaps they have to work themselves out of.  So not only are you conjuring color for these mischievous fashionistas, you also get to see into their world and invent fun stories to go with the hi-jinks they find themselves in.

This book was funded through Kickstarter and has 23 pages of glamorous witches. They are printed on one side so you won’t have to worry about bleeding through to the other pictures.

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Weight.4 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8.5 × 25 in